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Private label concept

Private Label Concept

BORG Automotive Newman is one of Europe´s leading supplier of private label products to the independent aftermarket within braking. We deliver a high quality range to the market today. 

Our ongoing investment in product development and new solutions means we can continue to offer the high levels of efficiency, quality and reliability for years to come. 

We offer Europe´s most advanced private label concept with a product range covering 98% of the market demand and includes;

  • Brake Discs (oiled and coated and with wheel bearings)
  • Brake Drums
  • Brake Calipers 


At BORG Automotive Newman we have a long history of providing private label solutions which means we now can offer one of Europe´s most flexible private label concepts. When we say flexible we mean it. That´s why we do not operate with MOQs once your private label concept is set-up. This means that you can have the part you need, also if it is only 1.

We offer a standard 2 week lead time on our main private label range. We have a minimum of 600.000 unmarked discs in stock at all times - ready to be customized, ensuring you a short lead-time always.

    We offer customization on all orders. We laser mark, package, label, pack and sometimes shrink wrap our products to your needs. 

    Product marking

    On the entire disc assortment you can have your desired top marking. This could be reference number, logo and ECE R90 number.


    All artwork on boxes are according to the customers requirements. The boxes are mostly designed for automatic packing and of strong construction which makes stacking without damages possible and minimal transport of air. 

    Our BORG Automotive Newman standard box range contains 3 box sizes for brake calipers and 32 sizes for brake discs and brake drums. 

    Box label

    Product label according to customer´s specifications. We have >20 standard label dimensions to choose from. You can choose to have Borg Automotive Newman standard information or you own data on the label. 


    To ensure our standards remain high at all times we have comprehensive quality control at key stages in the production process. With a highly trained workforce we also create customer PPAP´s upon request. As a leading supplier to the European aftermarket for brake discs and brake drums we only have one intention: to support our customers’ businesses as much as possible – even when it comes to type approvals.

    This means that all discs and drums for cars introduced from 2010 on will be tested and approved according to ECE R90. This approach leaves no room for discussions or doubt about the scope of the regulation, or what part numbers are approved etc.

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