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Keeping the wheels turning

Welcome to BORG Automotive Newman

About BORG Automotive Newman

At BORG Automotive Newman, we believe our work matters. Because we want to provide our customers the tools and products to help all the people who depend on their vehicles… be it in a private or professional context. We see it as our mission to help the wheels keep turning – and braking when necessary.

We offer a wide product range of Automotive spare parts with high availability in stock, simplifying your inventory management and reducing logistical complexities. We pride ourselves with being agile and able to quickly adapt to market changes as well as the needs of your business - which makes doing business with us both straightforward, safe, and efficient. 

BORG Automotive Newman was founded in Denmark in 1964 and has over 60 years of experience in the independent automotive aftermarket with wide range of product groups. Currently we offer more than 108 product groups and we continuously develop our portfolio to fit the car park and your needs as a customer.

Part of something bigger

BORG Automotive Newman is part of a strong family; the BORG Automotive Group. BORG Automotive Group not only gives us a solid and supportive foundation that further strengthens our reputation and credibility, but it also connects us with well established brands like BORG Automotive Reman og CPI which makes way for new cooperative possibilities.

Borg Automotive Group is organised into three business areas.

Borg Automotive Newman A/S

Juelstrupparken 15, 9530 Støvring, Denmark

Tel: 96 31 76 00


BORG Automotive GmbH

Eichrodter Weg 57, 99817 Eisenach, Germany

Tel: +49 3691-257 0


Borg Automotive SAS

Zi D´Angean - BP 29, Chaumont-En-Vexin 60240, France

Tel: +33(0)3 44 49 47 16